School Improvement Team

2023-2024 School Improvement Team Mission Statement:

The 2023-2024 School Improvement Team will support the vision of Enka High School by establishing a framework of support for students, faculty, staff, parents, and the community. We will promote high expectations so that everyone, in our community of influence, will excel in all programs of our school.

School Improvement Teams are required by North Carolina law to develop school improvement plans. The team is comprised of the principal of each school, representatives of the assistant principals, instructional personnel, instructional support personnel, teacher assistants assigned to the school building, and parents of children enrolled in the school. The representatives are elected by their respective groups (such as the PTA/PTO for parents).

The General Assembly of North Carolina views parental involvement as a critical component of school success and positive student achievement. It is the intent of NC that parents, along with teachers, have a substantial role in developing school improvement plans. [NC General Statutes 115C-105.27]. Buncombe County Schools encourage and endorse shared decision-making as evident in our mission statement, Core Values, and various policy directives.