Freshman Liftoff


Friday August 26th from 7:45am-10am for Freshman lift-off here at Enka High School. Light breakfast will be provided. Parents and students will meet in the gymnasium and then be given the opportunity to explore the hallways of Enka High School. This event is a great way for freshman students and parents to gain more knowledge about the upcoming school year as well as pick up their schedules and meet their teachers. 

We are excited to announce that we will be providing limited transportation to and from our school for Freshmen Liftoff this year. Please listen carefully for the following pick up times:

At 7:05 AM, bus 85 will be picking up at Arizona Ln, 7:10 AM at Candler Elementary, and 7:20 AM at Glider Dr.  Bus 51 will pick up Hilltop Dr. at 7:10 AM and Enka Middle School at 7:15 AM.  Bus 343 will pick up Sand Hill Elementary at 7:10 AM, Quigley Dr. and Green Valley Rd at 7:15 AM.  Bus 284 will be picked up at Pisgah Elementary at 7:15 AM.  All buses will be leaving Enka High at approximately 10:00 AM to return students to the same drop off locations at approximately 10:20am.  We look forward to seeing you all and as always, We are Proud to be a Jet! 

**Important** ENKA HIGH SCHOOL computer cases will be on sale for $10. Protecting your device WILL save you money in the long run. 

Mark your calendars. We can't wait to meet our new Jets!