Counseling Services

Enka High School's counseling staff consists of four counselors, a school social worker, and a full-time secretary.

Career/College Counseling: Counselors are available to help students plan courses for high school, and also plan for life after high school. Counselors can help students decide which career they want to pursue, and can help them come up with a plan to get there. Students can receive assistance with admissions and financial aid for college, with entering the military or with entering the job market.

Personal Counseling: Students may speak individually with counselors about problems they are experiencing. These sessions are confidential.

Dropouts: Counselors often work with students who are having difficulty with schoolwork. The entire Enka staff is concerned about potential dropouts and counselors are part of the effort to prevent students from dropping out.

Testing: Counselors coordinate college entrance exams. Counselors are available to help students register and prepare for these tests, as well as to help them interpret their scores.

Permanent School Records: All permanent school records are kept in the counseling office. Students or parents may make a formal request for a release of the student's transcript to another school, college or employer. The request must come from the student after age 18. Records may also be retrieved by visiting the Buncombe County Schools Records Request webpage.

Conferences: Counselors coordinate parent/teacher conferences in which more than one teacher's presence is requested. Teachers, parents, or students may request these conferences.